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Rejuvenating manufacturing scrap and spent batteries into battery-grade cathode and anode materials, with exceptional recycling services.

Rejuvenated & Upcycled End Products

Our cathode and anode battery materials are comparable to those produced from virgin sources, proven and tested to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Through our unique upcycling processes, we are even able to upgrade yesterdays' cell chemistry to that in demand today!

  • Battery-Grade CAM

      Our patented recycling/ rejuvenation processes are tested, independently certified, economical and efficient at commercial scale for virtually all common battery chemistries on the market… including:

      • NCM 111, 522, 811,
      • NCO, LCO,
      • LFP, LMFP and more
  • Battery-Grade Anode

      Anode materials as well can be purified and recycled directly with these unique processes applied as the market demands…

  • Advanced Black Mass (ABM™)

    • Low Impurity
    • Anode-Free
  • By Products

    To complete Princeton NuEnergy's circular recycling loop, all other by-products are cleanly separated for use and recycling by experienced 3rd parties:

    • Copper
    • Aluminum
    • Plastics
    • Electrolytes
    • Other byproducts and/ or processing materials

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Our Services

Recycling As A Service

Our RAAS (Recycling as a Service) model lets clients retain total control and ownership of battery materials throughout the entire recycling/upcycling process. This offers key benefits for a modest tolling fee:

Material Control and Continuity
Enhanced Price Stability
Improved Supply Chain Independence
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Technology Licensing (Future)

Looking to operate your own Li-ion battery recycling operation? We plan to offer licensing of our LPAS™ direct recycling technology to partners in cell manufacturing, electric vehicle (EV) and grid BESS storage industries.

Reduces Recycling Time
Minimizes Work-in-Process/Inventory Handling Costs and Complexity
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Testing Services

Unlock the full potential of powder analysis with our comprehensive testing services. From detailed physical and structural assessments to precise quantitative and qualitative phase analysis, we offer in-depth insights into your materials.

Physical and Structural Analysis
Quantitative and Qualitative Phase Analysise
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