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Using our novel LPAS (patented low-temperature plasma-assisted separation) technology, we deliver a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery direct recycling solution that reduces global GHG emissions and delivers strong ESG values.



Our Partnership Reviews

Jerry NT WangThe General Manager, Wistron GreenTech
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Wistron is thrilled to expand our end-to-end battery recycling strategy by collaborating with Princeton NuEnergy and eTak Worldwide. Recycling of LIB is a principal part of the Wistron supply chain, so it’s vital that we approach this strategic direction.
Richard Leethe COO of eTak Worldwide
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“This partnership is an essential initiative for the eTak recycle business sector, we are excited to launch our joint pilot project with cutting-edge technology from Princeton NuEnergy, to solve the current Lithium-ion battery recycling challenges.”
Raymond Wang, CEO of Greenland
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“Incorporating environmentally friendly manufacturing processes makes sound business sense as we work to develop a sustainable, circular supply chain. Battery supply and materials availability is an increasing concern as the proliferation of electric vehicles continues to accelerate, with the risk of becoming a gating factor in the manufacturing process a few years down the road. We have done extensive due diligence on options that can help us mitigate that potential supply chain bottleneck given our forecasts for accelerating growth and product line expansion. We think Princeton NuEnergy’s innovative, proprietary process can be a real game changer for us and we are excited to be partnering together at this important juncture.

Our Team

Chao Yan, Ph.D

Founder and CEO

Xiaofang Yang, Ph.D

Co-founder and CTO

Yiguang Ju, Ph.D


Bruce E. Koel, Ph.D



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