Closed Loop Lithium-ion Battery Recycling

  • Our LPAS® direct recycling process can recover up to 95% of all constituent materials found in all chemistries and formats of lithium-ion batteries (LCO, NCA, NCM, LFP)
  • Our technology enables the production of high quality battery materials at low-cost without using any acids.
  • Our process significantly reduces CO2 emission, energy consumption, and water usage, and does not produce any landfill waste.
  • We strive to contribute to a circular economy in a way that is both sustainable and environmentally focused.

Service and Technology Licensing

  • We license our LPAS direct recycling technology to our partners in lithium-ion battery manufacturing and electric vehicle verticals. Our technology helps our partners reduce operating costs and secure supply of lithium-ion battery materials.
  • We provide technical consultation, professional engineering services, and R&D services to our customers and partners, including battery recycling, second-life battery smart sorting, re-use, or disposal, and maintenance services.

Total Solution As a Service

  • We offer a combination of LPAS direct recycling equipment, chemicals, technical services, maintenance, and technology licensing as a total service.
  • We provide a turn-key leasing solution for the industry.
  • Up-Cycling Center: is a cutting-edge service dedicated to upgrading used batteries Cathode and Anode materials’ performance, revolutionizing the way we handle spent battery. We believe that every battery holds untapped potential, and through our innovative processes, we rejuvenate and upgrade the battery materials from outdated chemistry to the latest composition, and give them a new lease on life. 

Second-life battery use

We perform diagnostics of second-life batteries. Our fast battery diagnostics, assisted by machine learning and high-sensitivity optical fiber sensors, are capable of distinguishing and selecting workable batteries from large batches of used batteries.