Environmental, Social, and Governance

Clean, Economical, and Sustainable

Making a positive environmental and ethical impact is integral to every stage of PNE’s operations. We are dedicated to achieving environmentally and socially conscious benchmarks in the recycling of lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium mining is a polluting business.

Effectively recycling end-of-life batteries could reduce global EV mineral demand by 55% for newly mined copper, 25% for lithium, and 35% for cobalt and nickel by 2040—creating an opportunity to significantly reduce the demand for new mining.

We Are Committed to Achieving a Net Zero-Carbon Footprint

Compared to virgin cathode production, PNE’s LPAS™ direct recycling technology significantly reduces energy use and waste production while keeping the cost per kg at a much lower level.

Empowering Fully Circular EV Economy

68% Less
CO2 Emissions

69% Less
Water Usage

73% Less
Energy Usage

Low Gas and
Liquid Waste

Sustainable Operations

PNE’s new plant is built with a zero-carbon design.

Our buildings will be partially powered by solar energy.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability Partnerships